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We have had a few enquiries as to whether we are involved in the production of other events, we aren't! At the moment we only run the HorrorCon UK event once a year at Magna Science Adventure Centre in Rotherham/Sheffield, and are not affiliated or involved with any other shows.

If its not called HorrorCon UK, then it's not HorrorCon UK!

Cash for Kids is a grant giving charity and supports individual children, groups and children's charities where children are sick, deprived and in need of extra support. Every penny raised stays in South Yorkshire.

Cash for Kids is most well-known for Mission Christmas which is delivered every year to ensure that no child wakes up to nothing on Christmas Morning. In 2015 the appeal supported 21,206 local children.

This year we are striving to raise even more money so Cash for Kids can help even more local children and causes. We are looking for companies and individuals to support us during 2016 and help us make a significant difference to South Yorkshire's children who need it most.

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Remembering Gunnar Hansen, the Gentle Giant of Horror by Tony Earnshaw

Way back in 2000 the dynamic double-act that was Gunnar Hansen and David Hess was touring the UK to promote a double-bill of classic ‘70s shockers.

Gunnar, a big, avuncular, smiling bear of a man, was on hand to discuss The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. David, an amiable hippy with wild hair and a big grin, spoke about Last House on the Left.


Richard Gladman – “The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long and you have burned so very, very brightly” (Blade Runner)

My friend asked me to write some kind words about my dearest, closest friend Richard Gladman and I said it would be an honour to do so. The only real difficulty would be where to begin. Should I start with his love of Horror in general? That much is unquestionable.